Unlock Your Optimal Well-Being with Life Force MedBeds!

Are you ready to embark on a journey to peak health and vitality? Look no further than Life Force MedBeds – your gateway to holistic wellness and cutting-edge healthcare. Dr. Louis Hilliard, our visionary inventor and founder, has revolutionized the industry by introducing the world's first MedBed, combining advanced technology with personalized holistic therapies.

Why Choose Life Force MedBeds?

Innovative Technology for Unparalleled Results: Our MedBeds incorporate groundbreaking technologies like frequency modulation, electron balancing, and oxygen therapy. Stay ahead of the curve with a device designed to deliver results that traditional healthcare can't match.

Tailored to Your Unique Wellness Needs: Dr. Hilliard believes in the power of personalization. Our MedBeds are highly customizable, allowing you to create a wellness experience that caters specifically to your body, mind, and energy. No two wellness journeys are the same – embrace the uniqueness of yours.

Comprehensive Holistic Healing: Experience up to 15 different therapies in a single session. Life Force MedBeds take a holistic approach, addressing not just physical symptoms but the emotional and energetic aspects of well-being. Achieve comprehensive wellness like never before.

Breathe Easier, Live Better: Our state-of-the-art oxygen concentrator delivers revitalizing oxygen therapy, increasing your blood oxygen levels and supporting respiratory health. Take a deep breath and feel the Life Force difference.

Synergize with Traditional Care: Life Force MedBeds are designed to complement traditional medical treatments, not replace them. Enhance your existing healthcare plan and potentially elevate overall results through the power of synergy.

User-Friendly Design for Effortless Wellness: Whether at home, in a spa, gym, or healthcare office, our user-friendly MedBeds adapt to your lifestyle. An easy-to-use design, internal control panel, and customizable lighting ensure a seamless wellness journey.

Transform Your Life with Life Force MedBeds:

This is more than just a purchase; it's an investment in your well-being. Join the holistic healthcare revolution led by Dr. Louis Hilliard. Life Force MedBeds represent a transformative shift in the way we approach health – a fusion of technology and holistic care for unparalleled results.

Contact Us Today: Ready to experience the Life Force MedBed difference? Contact us now to learn more about how our pioneering MedBeds can revolutionize your approach to wellness. Take the first step towards a healthier, more vibrant you. Life Force MedBeds – Where Innovation Meets Holistic Healing.

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Life Force MedBed Capsule

Original price was: $24,999.00.Current price is: $12,499.00.

Life Force MedBed Pod

Original price was: $19,999.00.Current price is: $14,999.00.

Life Force MedBed Double Pod

Original price was: $29,999.00.Current price is: $14,999.00.

What You Get With The Life Force Med Bed  

The basic versions of the Life Force Med Beds are a state-of-the-art therapy device that encompasses a suite of innovative healthcare solutions to enhance the well-being of patients. All the version of Med Beds comprises several key components and functionalities designed to promote healing and holistic wellness. Components:
  1. Pod or Capsule: The Med Bed Pod is housed within a comfortable, hypoallergenic, and easy-to-clean medical-grade fire-resistant PVC plastic enclosure. The spacious interior is cool, well-lit, and equipped with a sliding door for easy entry and exit. The translucent mirror features an RGB LED backlit panel and customizable ceiling lighting to create a relaxing ambiance. Dual circulating fans ensure a fresh and cool internal environment. An internal control panel allows for adjusting lights, headphone volume, fans, and emergency locking.
  2. Life Force Watch with App: Measures Real Time Vitals.
  3. HP Computer Tablet: The Med Bed Pod is powered by an HP Envy x360 computer tablet capable of running various healthcare applications, including the Body Vital App, Frequency Software, and other therapy apps.
  4. Frequency Software: The included Frequency Software allows for precise modulation of frequencies to target specific organs and body parts for healing. It also includes frequencies proven to combat bacteria, viruses, and abnormal cell growth. Additionally, chakra tones and healing frequencies promote cellular health.
  5. Grounding Sheets: These sheets, lined with silver thread, act as electron donors, replenishing the body's electrons.
  6. Vibration/Heat Massage: Vibration therapy and heat massage therapy combine to break up adhesions, enhance blood flow, and awaken shallow and deep tissues. The therapy is delivered via a specialized vibration and heat massage mat.
  7. Silver/Copper Rods: Silver and copper rods, held in the right and left hands, act as anodes and cathodes to balance the electrons within the body.
  8. Oxygen Generator: (Need Prescription) The oxygen concentrator delivers oxygen-rich air at a concentration of 95%+-3%, ranging from 7 to 10 liters per minute, available through a mask or cannula. This oxygen therapy helps saturate the blood, increasing blood oxygen levels.
  9. Advanced Lighting/ Photomodulation: Utilizes advanced light therapy to stimulate cellular function, promoting rejuvenation and overall well-being.
  10. Online Training or Certification:  Your Success Is Our Success! All MedBed Customers will receive Online training to help them utilize all functioning components of our MedBeds.